How The Inner Circle Saves Scott Life


One of my business partners recently attended the Empower Network Costa Rica “Masters Retreat“…

…hanging out in an exotic all-inclusive resort in Guanacaste Costa Rica with 100 or so marketing masters from all over the world.

While there, he learned some secrets that normally don’t get talked about, he connected with our leaders and build a new vision, and heard some incredible success stories.

For example – something he don’t talk about a lot, is a side affect from a mentoring program we have called ‘The Inner Circle‘ where we break down the structure of marketing magic in a way that’s easy to understand…

…as a side affect, I don’t know if you’ve ever had a moment in life where you realize something, make a decision, and have a transformation in your life.

The Inner Circle has recorded some POSITIVE videos from people who are LIVING
their DREAM inspiring results that give you reason to want to start you life all over.

Scott was on a mission to end his life, Meanwhile being stranded in traffic, he started to listen to the Inner Circle audio which helped him to come back to reality and not end his life.

It’s sad to be depressed to an extreme where you feel there is nothing to live for anymore. This is why it’s important to listen to someone with words of wisdom, someone who can help you through your trials and tribulations. Someone who can help build your self esteem to be positive, to take your power back and not be have negative thoughts.





Positive things to do and say…

#1 Say nothing but positives all day

It will IMPACT your day for the better
so try it for an entire 24 hours.

You’ll never go back

#2 Drink 8 glasses of water today

Water will help you function at optimal
levels and you will feel better.

No sodas! Too much sugar, not healthy!

#3 Write a Blog

Here are the topics you can choose from

Book Chapter Review
Primary Business
Marketing Tool Review
Video Blog
Personal Development

Tip: At the end of each post put a good Signature under it.
Ask for comments, image, contact info, primary business, and
PS promoting something everyone could use.

#4 Share your Blog

Social Monkey
Google Plus
Facebook (FB groups)

#5 Social Media

Add friends to all your social media sites

#6 Post 3 updates on FB

You can use your own stuff or other peoples valuable stuff!

Power team member

something of value that you want to share



A. Listen to the Empower Hour replay from Monday:
Phone: (712) 432-0990, Pin:260326#

B. Get your San Diego Ticket for the 21st-23rd. Do what ever it
takes to get to San Diego. I promise it will explode your jump
start your success more then you know!

register now

~To The Top~

Angela Maynard



P.S. Let’s explode this business for your success.


#7– Chat with 10 people today…

A simple: Hey how are you today? is a good start…

Keep track of conversations you have today. You may need to send 20-30 messages to people today before you have a chat conversation with 10…

Once they respond back, find out what they do, how they market online, tell them about your business, blog post or a free training you can give them to help their business.

The more you interact with your following the more they look at your content when you post it!



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