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Critical Artwork Display Mistake?


I just want to show you some of my artwork YouTube video display

mistakes…with black space sides.


Sometimes I forget and hold my iPhone the wrong way to take pictures and videos

of my artwork etc.


Are You Making this Critical Artwork Display Mistake like I do?


After I completed the video then I realized my cell phone was held the wrong way…

Even though I knew I should’ve position the cell phone on the landscape.


This is a habit I have to break…


I can’t understand why I keep doing the same thing over and over.

I actually focused my camera on the portrait position instead of the landscape position.


A few times I took videos in the landscape position with my iPhone and uploaded it to

YouTube I noticed the video showed up side down.


The first time this happened to me I browsed all over YouTube trying to find a way to rotate

the video.  It took me a long time to find the rotate button.


Here is my artwork video I did in the portrait position…

You will see the black space on the YouTube videos.


Now I am going to take better videos and hold my cell phone the correct way.

Here is my artwork video I did in the landscape position…correctly!


This is just to remind you to hold your iPhone, cellphone in the landscape position when

taking videos to add on YouTube.


Many times I see people holding their cell phone the wrong way to do videos…If I’m close to

them, I’ll correct them about how to hold their phones for videos.  They usually thank me with

a smile and correct their mistake.  


This is mostly for YouTube videos.  



To Your Success,



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