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 marketers eye

Do You Have The Marketers Eye

When you are marketing online you need to have the marketers eye when it comes to marketing your website.

Get people to look at your website by doing some social media marketing, paid ads. etc.

You could also take advantage of your Facebook business page in the about section and add your link there.

Having the marketers eye to think outside the box.

Think of different ways you could be advertising.

  • Pingler (Tells The Search Engines About Your Post)
  • Fiverr (Get Link Magnets not Link Wheels)
  • PureLeverage   (Unlimited Auto Responders, Audio Video, Conferencing)

You could start blogging about your business, having a blog like t

Here is a couple ways I think outside the box in my Facebook fan page. I listed my business page there, plus on other fan pages I created.

I created a total of five network marketing fan pages, one jewelry design fan page and three group pages.

 Listen to my team member Mike Hobbs video!

This one could help you to get listed faster on Google front page.

You could also join forums and talk about your business there. 

Just don’t spam the forum…  

Pay attention to how the other members are marketing their
business there 
and read the rules of the forum.

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