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Here Are Some Tips About Using Facebook…


Facebook doesn’t want you to sell and make money on their site. They prefer when you spend your money to advertise or boost your business before showing your posts.

You could actually make money from Facebook, find your next business partner and get leads from there.

You cannot sell your products on your profile page.

If you have a good blog post that you did a while ago and updated it. There is a chance that other people may see if you repost it…People who didn’t see it before will see it.

You have to build an internal audience inside of Facebook first.

If you are doing anything on Facebook, make sure you are framing it.

People mostly go to Facebook to hangout, to see what’s happening, and to look at news…Not to purchase.

The majority of people who want to start a business they go on Facebook trying to make money. You cannot sell on your platform…

Make sure you put a nice profile image of yourself…(Don’t put your dog, cat, car, or house.)

Giving people an insight of your life on your profile page is what people want to see.

If you want to use Facebook for your business. People want to see who they are connected to. People will make more money if you have an image of yourself. It’s annoying when people request to be your friend without their profile picture.

Facebook said if the majority of your time is to do business. Then you could probably do it on your FanPage…(Create a business FanPage)

Do not accept friend request from everyone. Only from people you might be interested in, people you can learn from, people you have met recently or new team members/clients.

Spend more time building your FanPage…

Many marketers makes this big mistake by accepting friend requests from everyone to build their reach…Facebook doesn’t take this into consideration. It’s better to have less friends and a high amount of followers.

Your Facebook engagement will be a lot better and it will provide an overall of better experience. I’ve recently deleted a few friends and added some as followers and I noticed the difference…

The best ones to drop are the ones who are not noticing your posts and participating.

Facebook wants you to drive traffic into their site.

Worldwide, Facebook has over 1.79 billion monthly active users, which is 16% increase year over year. Facebook is too big to ignore…Over 1 billion on YouTube, 284 million on Twitter, 200 million on Instagram, and almost 500 million active users on LinkedIn.

You might wonder how do you get found? How can you do advertising?

The best thing to do is to find somebody who has already experience how to be successful on Facebook.

Just listen to Lawrence Tam video and learn how to handle yourself on Facebook.  I have to say I got a few gold nuggets from listening to his video and I have to make a few changes.

The mentors in Empower Network usually share great valuable free lessons. I am grateful for their trainings.


See you on the inside,
Angela Maynard



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